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Membership in Innovative Credit Solutions will give you access to protected consumer information from Equifax or TransUnion consumer reporting agencies.  The three agencies supply the same basic information about the consumer.   Download the application form, review the instructions and complete the application.  Please do not leave any blanks on the application, incomplete applications cannot be processed.  Print and sign the application then return it to ICS.  You may e-mail the application to

or  fax to 1-888-571-7222 or send via USPS to P O Box 1440, Lexington, SC 29071.

You will be contacted by our vendor to schedule an on-site inspection.  Upon final approval, we will send you a website link with your username and password.  You must have signed authorization from the consumer to obtain their file.  Consumer reports must be used for permissible purposes only. You may not pull reports for personal reasons on yourself, family or friends.  You are required to retain supporting documentation for each transaction.

employment_insight.pdf  Membership Agreement – Equifax

employment_insight.pdf Membership Application – TransUnion

Member Login

Access to these sites is limited to Members of Innovative Credit Solutions.  If you are a member, click on the link that you were assigned in your welcome package, then enter your username and password to access report information.

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One-Time Report

Are you interested in obtaining a report on an individual, but do not have the volume or current need to become a member?
If so, we offer economical and much simpler method to obtain reports for credit, criminal, employment and DMV records. The membership training sessions and access instructions are excluded with one-time requests. We will help you with the necessary paperwork and walk you through the process to get the report(s). We offer one-time reports for credit, criminal, employment and DMV driver records.Click on the one-time request link below and complete the application pages. E-mail these pages to or fax to 888-571-7222. You must have signed authorization from the individual, a copy of their driver’s license for verification and a permissible purpose to receive the information.

employment_insight.pdf One Time Report Request

employment_insight.pdf Employment Authorization Sample Template


Consumer Credit Report

CREDIT REPORTS give you the current and complete information you need to make decisions about new customers and new accounts with speed and accuracy. Consumer credit reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.  The report includes:

  • Consumer Identifying Information – Name, Address & Phone Number, Previous Addresses, Employer’s Name & Address, Previous Employer’s Name & Address
  • Credit Trend Summary – up to 24 months of historical balance and credit utilization information on a
  • consumer’s revolving, installment and mortgage accounts.
  • Score Summary – calculates information and inquiries found on a consumer’s credit file into a numeric score that indicates likely future payment behavior
  • Public Records – consisting of bankruptcies, liens and civil actions against a consumer
  • Tradelines  – any or all of this information may appear if provided by a subscriber: original credit grantor name/creditor classification for third party collection agency tradelines; balloon payment information (date and amount) or deferred payment start date for deferred loans; mortgage identification number; and portfolio “sold to:” or “purchased from” name
  • Inquiries – indicate that a credit report was received on that date by the subscriber listed. Inquiring subscriber names are shown.
  • Messages – may include general consumer statements, informational or other special messages. Consumer statements relating to a tradeline or public record item appear directly after the item.

employment_insight.pdf  Consumer Credit Report Guide – Equifax

employment_insight.pdf  Consumer Credit Report Guide – TransUnion

Business Credit Report

BUSINESS REPORTS present a current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations.   Business reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.  The report will help you make effective business decisions by providing:
  • Actual trade payment experiences – allows easy analysis of whether a business’s ongoing payment behavior is steady, improving or declining.
  • Public record information – Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and reported collection accounts
  • Company background – may include State of incorporation, current status of business, names and titles of principal officers
  • Critical data and ratios – are calculated for the most recently reported fiscal year and two years prior, including tangible net worth and net sales
  • Comparative data placing a company’s payment performance in context with its industry
The information is reliable, accurate and nonbiased, allowing for an objective view of a company’s overall financial health.

Criminal Background Report

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND REPORTS search a nationwide criminal records database. Criminal background reports are available through our nationwide criminal records database.  Criminal background reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.  The database includes information from the following sources:

  • Proprietary Offender Data (POD)
  • Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) – dated back 7 years
  • Traffic Court
  • Sex Offender Database

The report will identify the number of hits on the applicant and the offense description.

employment_insight.pdf   Criminal Report Application

Driver Records Report

DRIVER RECORDS REPORTS (Motor Vehicle Records) – Identify high risk drivers. Companies with employees that operate a motor vehicle for business purposes can reduce risk and keep operating costs low by using Motor Vehicle Records when screening prospective employees. By identifying high risk drivers, Motor Vehicle Records can help improve safety and reduce liability and insurance expenses. Driver record reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.  Motor Vehicle Records provide:
  • Candidate’s driving history for a selected period
  • Speeding or other moving violations
  • Chargeable accidents
  • DUI offenses
  • Suspension or revocations
  • Accumulation of points
  • Data from all 50 states

Employment Screening

Protect your business from problem employees.  Screen potential employees to make informed hiring or promoting decisions.  Determine credit worthiness and overall level of responsibility with employment credit reports, criminal background searches and driver records reports.  All of these reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.
EMPLOYMENT CREDIT REPORTS are an effective employment screening tool. They help you make informed hiring decisions by providing objective and factual information. The report includes:
  • Consumer Identifying Information – Name; Phone Number and Driver’s License information; Address information, including length of time at current and previous addresses.
  • Employment information regarding an applicant’s previous work history
  • Other names used, such as maiden names and aliases
  • Public Record information on bankruptcies, liens and judgments against the applicant
  • Credit history provides an objective overview of how financial obligations are handled over a period of time
  • Year of birth and spouse reference is NOT included to avoid violation of the equal employment opportunity laws

Tenant Screening

Protect your rental interests from problem tenants.  Learn fact from fiction with credit reports and criminal history.  Eliminate the burden of tedious background research.  Rent safely and economically for one unit or multiple units.  These reports are available through our membership option as well as a one-time request.